Birdie Chesson

With over 20 years, over 60 books, literary materials and curriculum under her belt, Birdie shows you how to write your own book in most main genres. If you need additional assistance, Join Birdie's FREE group.

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In this Course...

Birdie shares her popular "Write a Book Quick" video as well as her Root and Quadrant Methods of writing a book.

There are Templates in many languages as well as articles from respected affiliates. 

Lastly, there are also tutorials and downloadables on how to write Picture Books, Comic Books, Poetry and Recipe Books. There is also a tutorial on how to self-publish.

Start Your Book Writing Journey Today!

Let's Write A Book!

Deluxe Edition

Learn how to write ANY TYPE of book from Birdie Chesson!

  • Picture
  • Children's
  • Recipe
  • Comic
  • Poetry and Much More!

Includes templates and unlimited downloads and a tutorial on how to Self Publish!